Insulated Copper Lineset Kits 3M, 4M, 5M, 7M

Pre insulated copper lineset is a cost effective solution that meet the insulation requirements of split system air conditioners.Produced to be resistant to abrasion and wear and tear.


Pre-insulated with highly flexible paired, cross linked closed cell polyethylene; Pre-insulated piping that is easy to install. No glue, tape or messy powder; Easy to split the pair when connecting to air conditioning system units; Prevents condensation on piping and enhances system performance and efficiency; All sizes suitable for use with R410A and R32 high pressure refrigerants; Suitable for applications up 120°C; Material thermal conductivity of (0.033W/M.k at 20°C)


All sizes of insulated copper linesets are manufactured to standard AS/NZS1571, EN12735-1, ASTM 8280, JIS H3300 and is suitable for use with high pressure refrigerants R410A and R32 as well meeting the minimum wall thickness requirements of the world’s leading air conditioner manufacturers.


High Temperature Reistance 120℃

Low Temperature Resistance - 60℃

Environment-Friendly, 0 Formaldehyde

Fire Retardant, Class M1, BL-s1-d0, B1

Thermal Insulation, UV-Protection



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